1 Jul 2015 - Update!!

Best players from last version got rewards:
1. Znajdek - 30 premium days + 2k premium points
2. Shigahami - 20 premium days + 1k premium points
3-5 Drewniana Malpa, Zydowska Batalia, Petarda - 10 premium days + 500 premium points

Congratulations! :)

Changelog 4.4:
-party system changes (you can't hit players within your party)
-you can't travel on boat with pz locked
-removed shenron and reborn bug (hp/ki bug)
-characters are more balanced
-wanted list
-top guilds list
-removed pz bugs
-changes in spells
-added command: !checksaga
-auction system
-changes in items
-added new NPC who buys weapons
-changes on website
-new client and moree ;)

download new client: HERE!

Server will start on

4.07.2015 at 10.00 AM (CET)

(Polish time)

Enjoy and have a good time playing DBKO :)

26 Jun 2015 - DBKO UPDATE V4.4

24 Jun 2015 - Update v4.4

hello everyone
Server will start again on 4.07.2015 on version 4.4!
Changelog will be available next week!
Top 5 players on version 4.3 will get rewards.
More info and changelog will be released next week!
Regards, Admins

9 Dec 2014 - DBKO Movie

Server Status

Best Players