15 Apr 2014 - DBKO New Trailer by Sairen

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13 Apr 2014 - Changelog

Main goals of this update is to fix vocations that you couldn't use for a long time, change PvP so fights and wars could be better. We also updated map and we added some new exps. On version 4.3 characters have been deleted, but I can assure you that was the only one reset in 2014, so you don't have to worry about having reset on 4.4 or any time soon.
If you want to play and become the best team now is the right time.

- We added new locations on map
- enchant price have been changed from 700g to 450g
- You cannot travel by boat(NPC Dederin) when you have pz locked.
- Health and Ki bars have been changed to percentage of max health/ki
- We added exp boost item(+20%) and command: !boosts
- We fixed vocations like: Kurillan, Tienshin
- We added 7 different aura types
- New effects and graphics
- New client version(v4.3)
- changes in techniques
- After saga you get now 100 red senzu instead of 50
- Vegetto gets now 30k hp after reborn
- New PVP arena
- M set was nerfed now it gains +7 skills each item and 3k hp
- We removed pz bug in underground city
- Nameks deals less dmg from dist
- and moree!!

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12 Apr 2014 - DBKO v4.3

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10 Apr 2014 - SMS Shop

Witam, dzi¶ została dokonana zmiana numeru w usluge:
HPAY.DBKO2 nowy numer: 92520
Stary numer jest juz nieaktualny.

Hello, today we changed number to service:
HPAY.DBKO2 new phone number: 92520
Old number is unavailable.

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3 Apr 2014 - Update v4.3? Oo

Hello, I have good news for you my dear players, we just started work for another update v4.3!!
At last? :)
New version of dbko should appear on second half of April
ehm.. yea this year!
Thanks for playing, I hope you will still enjoy playing here
If you have any suggestion what I could add or fix on this update just mail me on:


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