23 Dec 2015 - Marry XMAS!

21 Dec 2015 - PayGol

We have added Paygol to our donation system

10 Dec 2015 - Forum Reborn

30 Nov 2015 - DBKO V4.5

New frag limit: 25/50/120
Distance Exhusted has been fixed
Fixed hp/ki bug with (reb/shenron/saga)
Changed exp stage from: 20/15/10/5/2 to: 16/12/8/4/3
Lowered pvp dmg from 62% to 55%
New Client 4.5
We have change some exps and map places.
Big City has been remaked
Small City has been remaked.
Items have been fixed.
All characters have 70 health points and 30 ki points per level.
All characters have less attack speed.
SMS Shop has been changed.
Shenron has been fixed.
Reborn Quest is harder now.
A lot of buffs and techniques have been fixed and changed.
All buffs have now 3 sec exhusted.

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